Sangeetha is thankful to The Circle for profiling her in their recent ‘Widen Your Circle’ campaign.  You can read her full interview here.


Sangeetha is a member of The Circle, an NGO founded by Annie Lennox.  The Circle’s work is inspired by the notion that when women come together and organise, they can be a powerful force for change.  Members live by the epithet ‘women empowering women.’


Sangeetha’s involvement with the Circle is twofold.  She works closely with the Marie Colvin Journalists Network, a network for female journalists working in the MENA.  After her death in Homs, Syria, in February 2012, Marie Colvin’s friends set up the Marie Colvin Journalists Network, a project supported by The Marie Colvin Circle.  This network brings together experienced journalists and up-and-coming reporters, often working with little or no support, to create a vibrant online community where members can receive practical support and mentoring and can share advice with other journalists working in the area.


Sangeetha is also heavily involved with The Lawyer’s Circle.  Specifically, their work on maternal rights in Tanzania to which Sangeetha is providing constitutional and administrative law input.  Sangeetha is also passionate about the Living Wage project for which the lawyer’s circle have published a report which was debated in the European Parliament in February 2018.


As part of the interview Sangeetha was asked to define Global Feminism.  She describes it as:


A simple promise to champion all pursuits of gender equality. That is, to support all of the different demands for gender equality made by feminist communities around the world, specific to their circumstance.


Feminism is not the preserve of the educated, white, wealthy, Western woman. Feminism is humanity’s imperative outrage against subordination of any kind, it serves to amplify the silenced voices of half of the world’s population, and is a necessary crucible for change committed to securing equal rights for women and men around the globe.


To me, Global Feminism seeks to unite and forge solidarity between the various qualified factions of feminism that now exist. Be it third world feminism, postcolonial feminism or chicana feminism, let us all gather together as one inclusive movement and collectively stand up against all forms of inequality and injustice. Global Feminism is the loudest, most unrelenting, united cry against gender inequality in all of its guises – women and girls, men and boys – we must all rise up and roar together.