Sangeetha was invited to give a CPD accredited lecture at the Law Friends Society Immigration Law conference in Manchester on the 11th October 2018.  The full-day CPD event provided solicitors and other immigration law practitioners with case law and statutory updates to assist their practice.

Sangeetha gave two lectures at the conference.  First she spoke about relevant updates in case law before proceeding to advise on how to approach Article 8 appeals in the context of criminal law deportations.  She then spoke about the new Immigration Bail regime, how the new subtle changes have shifted the power to detain considerably from the judiciary to the hands of the Home Office and crucially, Sangeetha provided advice on how to make a successful bail application in May’s ‘hostile environment.’


Full videos and podcasts of these lectures are available on subscription through the Law Friends Society website (


To view a short snapshot of these two lectures online for free click here.