Sangeetha was invited to a launch event at Parliament on Thursday 25th April 2019 launching ‘Breaking the Chains’, a programme co-run by Migrant and Refugee Children’s Legal Unit and Shpresa, a charity which focuses on the welfare of unaccompanied Albanian asylum-seeking children.


Accompanied by other immigration law practitioners, NGOs working on migration issues, trafficking support groups and country experts on Albania, the event’s discussion between inter-disciplinary practitioners threw up shared concern on the limited asylum routes available for unaccompanied Albanian children.  More specifically the discussion centred around the limited avenues for the trafficking of boys and young men in Albania to be recognised.  This is of greater concern now in the wake of increased s.94(1) certification of Albanian protection claims.


To add to this all participants were concerned by the dearth of reliable, up to date and accurate country information and country guidance on Albanian asylum issues.  Members of the team support Breaking the Chains and Shrepsa Programme and encourage further strategic litigation in this area.